Excellent performance, spectacular beam and extraordinary graphic effects

Our latest generation of moving lights provides the highest quality of the light and variability of tones and colors temperature, ensuring a remarkable result.


Call them as you like, they are the most advanced expression of lighting equipment for the show!
While offering performances similar to those of the scanners, they have the prerogative of greater beam orientability, in addition to the quietness of operations.
To dynamicize the light beams, is not a hinged mirror that moves, but the whole body of the fixture containing the light source and all the mechanical optical components.
The adjustability of the most recent models is 540 ° pan (rotary movements around the vertical axis) and 306 ° tilt (rotary movements around the horizontal axis), with very small steps, respectively of 0.013 ° and of 0.007 °, values that make it possible to understand how an extremely accurate and precise orientation is possible. These fixtures, thanks to the power of the lamp, send light to considerable distances and therefore even a small fraction of degree has its importance in pointing the beam.
These values ​​related to the orientation allow to send the beam in any direction.
It is very important to consider then that there is the greatest freedom in positioning the base of the projectors (with the moving head facing downwards, upwards or diagonally), on a horizontal or oblique anchor plane.
It should be noted that the moving head type does not contain the cooling fan as it happens in the scanner; for this reason the device is quieter, a feature appreciated in theater, television and film sets.


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